Air Station Comiso

"Air station comiso sicily 36 ° 59'30" N014 ° 36'25 "E" is a project born from
desire to visually tell one of the most fascinating places in southern Italy.
this real abandoned city, circumscribed by nets and barbed wire, prompted me to wonder what future can be given to an abandoned site
even by the thieves who over the years have looted it for their pockets.
the atavistic delays of a myopic policy and of the defense ministry, which for 30 years left such a rich space unattended, today, leads us to reflect on
drawings of politics.
the municipality of comiso for less than a year has been looking for investors interested in making this site a driving force that can somehow re-evaluate so much wealth.
my journey into this reality, which I like to call post
almost apocalyptic as if I myself were an actor in the famous TV series
the whalking dead, allowed me to reflect and become aware of a strongly suggestive place.
the wild nature, the silence accompanied by the sound of the wind, the chirping of birds, the crunch of the leaves, the long corridors whose doors the wind moves and the light imbued with the green of the plants create an atmosphere
film that gave me the right inspiration to visually tell what remains of it.
the photos that I have chosen are 36 and in them I show the architecture both inside and
external structures.
for the exterior I wanted to use vintage colors in an American 70s style like
the blue of the sky tending to green and yellow, which describes an era, an atmosphere
wrapped in a dust of radiation.
for the interior I tended to use the green color already present as a base, but
altered as if to purposely recreate that apocalyptic setting that
distinguishes many films; in fact I was inspired by ozark a netflix tv series that inspired me mainly for the interior colors.
the purpose is to frame the former base as a suitable place for
making films that deal with similar settings, an alternative way of re-evaluating a place now closed at the mercy of those who find refuge in it at night or those who are fascinated by violating its silence.