ce - no compliance guaranteed is a project which was born in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the purpose of making people reflect, ironising the habits
and ridiculing the obsessions that the average citizen average citizen, due to media conditioning, has found himself has found himself having in his daily life. From from the badly worn mask, to the makeshift makeshift masks, from the disproportionate and excessive use of disinfectants, to considering the sick person an outcast, from the fear of contact to lockdown delirium. The project develops in triptychs within which attention is paid to details, with close framing, strong
close-up shots, strong and garish colours, making photographs with serious content, masquerading as objects of entertainment.
The title refers to the place of origin of the virus, using the Chinese version of the mark relating European safety standards, and the use of the ce symbolism is a clear socio-political reference of the prevailing human condition that transforms everything into a consumer tool.