The exhibition intends to play down the composed aspect that covers the ceremony, highlighting its real identity with a strong ironic and pungent spirit.
The artists on show courageously bare the hidden face of the ceremonies through a careful selection of shots where the spontaneous gesture of the subjects is enhanced in their instinctive expressive mode that sometimes moves away from the stereotypes and social conventions to which they are subjected daily, transmitting to the observer a lovely feeling of intimate truth.

Inspired by photographers of the caliber of Martin Parr or Ian Weldon, the photographic project Move to Trash was born.
A powerful and contemporary photography that celebrates the desire to break away from the state of idealization and perfection that the ceremony represents. Shots energetically far from the idea of ​​appearing as an "ideal subject", today more than ever excessively served up by social media and numerous talk shows overflowing with clichés.
The works of the photographers present at the exhibition aim with audacity to make us reflect on how much more original and personal the spontaneous gesture of man can be, permeated with empathy and disharmony, rather than the cold and detached illusion of a programmed and impersonal act that reaches out. towards a utopian reality not closely linked to the sensitive values ​​of human poetics.